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The first professional Expo of fruit and vegetable cultivation techniques in Asia Bridge of international trade for fruit and vegetable cultivation techniques Grow Tech 2011 is the one and only expo in Asia dedicated to fruit and vegetable cultivation techniques. It is scheduled that this Expo will exhibit the latest techniques and products relating to fruit and vegetable seeds, seedling cultivation, greenhouse, irrigation, agricultural machineries, plant growth regulator, pesticide, and fertilizer. It is expected that the proportion of international trade audiences in the Expo will account for 30%-40% of all participants. As a matter of fact, this Expo will offer more opportunities to the exhibitors and audiences who are engaged in the development of international trade.

This Expo functions as the most important technical exchange platform and bridge of trade for fruit and vegetable cultivation techniques in Asia.

Capable of helping expand Chinese market share in Asia, seize trade opportunities, establish your own image, and get in touch with latest trend and high technologies of the industry, the Grow Tech 2011 will be a feast for the professional fruit and vegetable growers from around the world.

  Exhibition Profile :  

• Seed, seeding, agricultural products
• Cultivator and tiller
• Nursery and planting machinery
• Cultivation facilities, machinery and equipment
• Greenhouse and related materials
• Environmental control machinery and materials
•Automatic/labor-saving cultivation systems

• Information system and software
• Information system
• Agrichemicals, Fertilizer
• Agrichemicals
• Fertilizer
• Plant Activator/Improver