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eFresh.com provides global market access to fresh produce and food product suppliers and international buyers. 

The supply and value chain for food and fresh products has truly globalized. Food and Fresh products are very special and completely different from other products. They vary in quality and availability. Each product needs to be handled with care and professional insight. Residues, Processing, Transportation, Tariffs or Certification: It's all critical for success. We understand this and support you to grow your business. Our support is based on our 3 core values for business: Knowledge, Commitment and Trust.

eFresh.com is active worldwide and has membership representation in over 100 countries. Our members are active in fresh and food product categories such as fruit, meat, fish, cut flowers, plants or vegetables. And supporting services like machinery, inspection or logistics.

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We were quite impressed by the professionalism and production level of the nurseries of Zhangzhou. We saw a lot of different flowers and are particularly interested in water lilies, ficus ging seng, ficus altissima, bouganville, orchids and cycas. eFresh.com did a fantastic job!
Martijn Tas, Manager
All Green
All Green Company, based in the Netherlands is a trading company offers plants.