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Hides and skin products

Hides and skin products

USD 0.90 / Kg [FOB Price]
100 Kg [MOQ]
Other Meat [Product Category]
United States [Country of Origin]
Credit Card, L/C, T/T, Wire Transfer [Payment Terms]
35 days [Delivery Time]
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Cow and donkey hides Product Product 1: cow and donkey hides Details: Dry salted donkey hides and dry salted cow hides Wet Salted Donkey Hides and wet salted cow hides Machine flayed No grubs, no ticks, no holes No tails, no heads Short shanks Color: 80% black and white, 20% brown Weight: min. 28 kgs Average weight: 33 kgs Selection: 80% A, 20% B 1 x 20 ft. container = 700 hides approx Quantity: 1 X 40 Ft FCL = 2700 - 2800 Hides Hand Flayed No head, no tail, short shanks 90% male, 10% female Humps: approx 10% Brands: approx 10% Weight: 18 to 33 kgs Average weight: 25 kgs 1 x 20 ft container = 900 hides Hand flayed, trimmed Weight: 18 to 24 kgs Average weight: 20 kgs Average size: 38 sq.ft. 1 x 20ft container = 900 to 950 hides approx. Machine flayed No hump, no brands, no grubs, no ticks, trimmed Simmental, Angus breeds Weight: 31 to 40 kgs Average weight: approx. 35 kgs Thickness: min. 4.5 mm Selection: 80% A, 20% B One x 20ft container = approx. 600 hides Availability: 30 containers - 100 % Pure Donkey Hides. No horse hides, mule hides - No defective hides with mildew, shedding, rot, worm eating, fattiness or other objections. - No foal hides and hides fragment (Head, leg and other remnants). - No visible rosette-shaped fragmentation. - Quality Standard Salt. - Arsenic: <1 / 1,000,000 Packing : Hides are packed & placed on plank lifting fork wooden pallets or crates .
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