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Refined coconut oil

Refined coconut oil

USD 900.00 / Ton [FOB Price]
50 Ton [MOQ]
Coconut Oil [Product Category]
Ukraine [Country of Origin]
T/T, Wire Transfer [Payment Terms]
12 days [Delivery Time]
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Refined coconut oil.

Product Description

REFINED BLEACHED DEODERIZED COCONUT OIL: Physical refining of Crude Coconut Oil. The process involves degumming, bleaching, steam stripping and deodorization.


INTENDED USE: It can be used as frying oil, spraying oil, creaming fat and ice cream covertures.


INGREDIENTS:   Coconut Oil


PACKING:  500ml, 1ltr Plastic / Glass Jar / Other packing available upon request.  


STORAGE & SHELF LIFE: Shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture, provided, product is stored in original un open below 60% relative humidity.




FFA ( % as Lauric )                                     Max 0.10                             AOCS Ca 5a-40

Moisture & Impurities ( % )                       Max 0.10                             AOCS Ca 2c-25

Slip Melting Point ( °C )                             Max 26                                 AOCS Cc 3-25

Iodine Value ( Wijs )                                   7.5-10.5                              AOCS Cd 1b-87

Colour ( 5.25. Lovibond cell )                   Max 1.5 R                           AOCS Cc 13b-45

Saponification Value                                  245 . 265                            AOCS Cc 13b-45

Flavour / Odour                                           Bland with no taste or odour 

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