Ecuador, Morona Santiago, Palora, Ing. Hugo Castillo y Carlos Alzamora.
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Business Type :Producer
Year Established :2015

NankyFoods - Specialists in Yellow Dragon Fruit

We are an Ecuadorian company specialized in the production and export of Yellow Dragon Fruit. We supply importers in the United States of America and Asia.

We started our company in the year of 2014, and in 2015 we were the first exporters of Yellow Dragon Fruit to Vancouver Canada. When in 2017, APHIS and Agrocalidad signed a phytosanitary protocol between the USA and Ecuador, we were the first to export the fruit to California USA. These achievements were thanks to the confidence of our clients, who chose us among several exporters.

Our plantation and suppliers have Good Agricultural Practices, and our packing house is GLOBALG.A.P certified. The harvesting, post-harvesting, packing, and transporting processes of the fruit are supervised by Agrocalidad, a government institution, that ensures compliance with the phytosanitary protocols to control the quality and freshness of the product.

Our product, Pitahaya, also known as Yellow Dragon Fruit, is a native variety of the Ecuadorian Amazon, recognized internationally, mainly by the Asian market, for its outstanding nutritional value, exquisite flavor, and its contribution to the digestive health of its consumers.

As specialists in the production and export of Yellow Dragon Fruit, we provide strategic market intelligence to our clients because this knowledge is essential in the handling of perishables.

In every new endeavor, we seek to build a lasting business relationship, based on trust and through strategic alliances that generate growth opportunities.

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